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Unlocking Competitive Advantage
Through Advanced Pricing Strategies

We specialize in pricing solutions, helping businesses optimize their strategies for profitability and growth

We Stand Out

Beyond mainstream consulting, we expertly craft pricing strategies to drive unmatched profitability

We Deliver

Drawing from extensive GCC experience, we consistently deliver tailored pricing solutions for your success

We Grow

Our customer-focused pricing approach prioritizes your satisfaction and long-term business growth

We Support

We embark on a shared path and pave the way for enduring competitive edge


We aim to revolutionize pricing by providing data-driven strategies that unlock revenue potential. We aim to be the trusted partner for businesses seeking expert pricing guidance, empowering them to thrive in their industries.


Behind VPE is a seasoned team of pricing professionals with extensive experience acquired while working for the biggest multinationals
in the region.

We leverage a large network of esteemed individuals, such as ex and current CEOs, CFO's, COO’s, renowned academics, and Industry experts, to cater to diverse industries. With our high-value services, and impeccable delivery, we become your trusted advisors, empowering your business with strategic insights for growth in a competitive market.

our Approach

Unlike mainstream consulting, our approach sets us apart by delivering spot-on and highly relevant solutions directly tailored to the core issues at hand. We go beyond mere words and empty promises, offering scientific, proven methodologies that have been refined through on-the-ground experience.

Our team of experts and industry leaders, who possess the latest insights and are highly relevant to the current market, brings a wealth of practical knowledge to every project.

We pride ourselves on providing actionable strategies, ensuring that our deliverables are not just theoretical concepts but tangible solutions that can be effectively implemented for your business's success.

Embracing Partnerships

Discover what our valued customers have to say about their experiences

Surprisingly saved more than expected. Cost-structuring slashed our expenses and boosted profits. Very experienced team, timely deliverables, and spot-on recommendations. 

Dima. E

Thanks to their service, we found the golden number for our SAAS service and MSP pricing. Our pricing strategy is now spot-on, attracting more customers and increasing our revenue.

Jad. a

I had no experience in the restaurant industry, but they guided me every step of the way. Their menu pricing, and supplier recommendations were just on point.

Anu. r